For ease of use Tv Renamr uses a config file. By default it looks for it in ~/.tvrenamr/config.yml, an example is listed below which shows all the possible default values you can use.


The defaults segment should be self-explanatory but I’ll list them just for completeness. The listed values are the assumed defaults if any of the options are not added.


Copy instead of moving the files.


copy: true


The output format for files to be renamed to.

format: '%n - %s%e - %t%x'
  • %n: Show name
  • %s: Season Number
  • %e: Episode Number
  • %t: Episode Title
  • %x: Extension


The extension part includes the period (.) part of the file’s extension and is also optional.


Organise your files within the renamed directory.

organise: yes


The directory to move your renamed files to.

renamed: /Volumes/Media/TV/


If a show has a leading ‘The’, such as ‘The Big Bang Theory’, move it to the end of the show name, i.e. ‘Big Bang Theory, The’.

the: true

Tv Shows

Below the defaults are shows that won’t get renamed correctly using the default options. Taking CSI as the example you have:

    canonical: "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"
    output: "CSI, Crime Scene Investigation"

Show Name

In the above example csi is used to match the show name in the downloaded file name, which might look something like this csi.s10e01.blah.blah.avi.


The name used by the online database(s) for a show.

Since The TVDb lists CSI as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation the canonical option is used.

canonical: "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"


This method is the easiest way to deal with shows with a year in the name too, i.e. Castle (2009).


The show name to use when writing the new filename.

The canonical show name contains a colon which most filesystems won’t play nice with

output: "CSI, Crime Scene Investigation"


The output format to use when writing the new filename.

format: %n - %s%e


The colon (:) and comma (,) characters are reserved in YAML so must be quoted.

  copy: false
  format: '%n - %s%e - %t%x'
  organise: yes
  renamed: /Volumes/Media/TV/
  symlink: true
  the: true

  format: '%n - %s%e'

american dad:
  canonical: American Dad!

castle 2009:
  canonical: Castle (2009)

  canonical: "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"
  output: "CSI, Crime Scene Investigation"

doctor who 2005:
  canonical: Doctor Who (2005)

the it crowd:
  the: false

the simpsons:
  the: false

v 2009:
  canonical: V (2009)
  output: V