• Fix partial regex support


  • Fix python 3 support in the tests
  • Show IDs are now cached, cutting web requests by 50% for the majority of renames
  • Tentative multiple episode file support. Hope to improve this over time
  • Fix custom output format so it can use custom regex syntax


  • Add python 3 support!
  • Fix python 2.6 support


  • Return destination filepath from a rename (useful for libs)


  • Tidy up so it can be used as a library too


  • Remove lxml and thus it’s C building dependencies
  • Tidy up the tests
  • Clean up the library fallback logic and it’s error handling


  • Show unhandled exceptions
  • Provide a default filenmae format to fall back to
  • Use Requests instead of urllib2
  • Thanks to sampsyo for his work on this release


  • Add documentation and push to Read the Docs
  • Fix another silly typo. Regretting the state of the tests now...


  • Fix a silly naming bug that broke everything and brown bagged the last release.


  • Allow the use of apostrophes in the show name regular expression
  • Allow the use of hypen as a delimiter in the filename regular expression.
  • Clean up the interface to the episode object for use in the front end.
  • Use the correct variable name when retrieving the show name from an episode object.
  • Give more sensible output when the config’s defaults are missing.
  • Return the correct error code when exiting from an error.


  • 720p episodes can now be renamed.
  • Fallback to the other library if the first one can’t find a tv show or episode. This feature also adds better support for new libraries.
  • Added a command line option to override the show name when output to the filename.
  • Can use foward slashes allowed in show names and episode titles.
  • Use lxml as the xml library and add an extra check for empty xml files being returned from the library.
  • Use an episode object to hold an episode’s information during the rename process.