In your favourite terminal run:

$ tvr file


$ tvr folder


Tv Renamr accepts the following options which take precedent over any options set in the Config.

-c, --canonical
 Set the show’s canonical name to use when performing the online lookup.
--deluge Checks Deluge to make sure the file has been completed before renaming.
--deluge-ratio Checks Deluge for completed and that the file has at least reached X share ratio.
-d, --dry-run Dry run your renaming.
-e, --episode Set the episode number. Currently this will cause errors when working with more than one file.
--log-file Set the log file location.
-l, --log-level
 Set the log level. Options: short, minimal, info and debug.
--library Set the library to use for retrieving episode titles. Options: thetvdb & tvrage.
-n, --name Set the show’s name. This will be used as the show’s when the renaming is completed.
-o, --output Set the output format for the episodes being renamed.
--organise Organise renamed files into folders based on their show name and season number.
--no-organise Explicitly tell Tv Renamr not to organise renamed files. Used to override the config.
-q, --quiet Don’t output logs to the command line.
-r, --recursive
 Recursively lookup files in a given directory.
--rename-dir The directory to move renamed files to, if not specified the working directory is used.
 Explicitly tell Tv Renamr not to move renamed files. Used to override the config.
--regex The regular expression to use when extracting information from files.
-s, --season Set the season number.
-t, --the Set the position of ‘The’ in a show’s name to the end of the file.


$ tvr
$ tvr /path/to/a/directory/
$ tvr /path/to/a/file.avi
$ tvr --organise -r '/path/to/a/directory/' /path/to/a/directory/[a_file.avi]
$ tvr --season '1' --name 'chuck' /path/to/a/file/the_file.avi

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